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(CA#) California Identification Number

A CA number represents a record in an electronic record system operated by the CHP, each record of which contains information relating to the safety experiences of a person who is a motor carrier or motor carrier of property. So that the Department may carry out its duties with respect to regulating the safe operation of trucks, trailers, buses and other vehicles specified in Sections 34500 and 34601 of the Vehicle Code, the Department has concluded that it is necessary to ensure that motor carriers and motor carriers of property are correctly evaluated as to their safety performance on California highways. To properly evaluate the performance of persons who are motor carriers or motor carriers of property, it is first necessary to properly identify each person who is a motor carrier or motor carrier of property.

Proper identification makes possible correct attribution of facts about each legal entity that is a motor carrier or motor carrier of property, and prevents data about one legal entity from being inadvertently associated with another in the Department’s records. This in turn ensures that the Department will not take enforcement action against any person based on information that should be attributed to someone else, and will not overlook unsafe carriers due to having incorrectly attributed some of their poor performance to others. The Department has always made every effort to ensure such errors did not occur, but has never formalized a policy to establish such control. This regulatory action is intended to formalize an existing policy for that purpose.

The purpose of this regulatory action is to implement safety regulations to ensure that when the Department takes legal action against a motor carrier or motor carrier of property for safety violations or other enforcement effort is exerted, the Department will accurately identify the correct subject of the action without inappropriately including other entities that are legally separate persons. It also enables the Department to correctly attribute favorable information to persons who are responsible for it, such as may occur with incentive programs intended to reinforce positive safety accomplishments.



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